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Tap into one of the largest b2b audiences available

Reach millions of businesses through Rokt.

Leading B2B Marketers unlock more value

Rokt Ads

Drive customer acquisition

Acquire new customers and create lasting relationships while they’re in the buying mindset, transacting on other business websites.

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Rokt Ecommerce

Add new profit streams

Present personalized and relevant offers from leading brands that deliver value to your customers and drive additional revenue for you.

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Accelerate marketing initiatives

Intelligently manage objectives by utilizing machine learning to drive the next best action for each customer.

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When working with rokt you’re in good company:
When working with rokt you’re in good company:

When working with Rokt, you’re in good company:

Serve the right message at the right time

Rokt’s machine learning treats each customer individually, ensuring you’ll serve the most valuable and relevant message and offer every time, improving the customer experience.

Deliver a seamless experience

Our lightweight and flexible placements enable you to customize everything from the customer flow to the look and feel, supporting a native experience.

Ensure brand alignment and control

Whether you are presenting advertising offers or promoting your own, you are always in the driver’s seat. Rokt gives you multiple layers of control to ensure complete brand alignment and integrity.

Built with security and data privacy as core foundational blocks

Rokt leads industry best-practices, meeting rigorous standards and regulations to keep your data and your customers’ data safe and secure. We’re compliant with local laws like GDPR and CCPA in all 10 markets we operate in and work closely with each and every client to ensure we meet or exceed their data security standards.

Gain exclusive access to Rokt’s extensive business audience

Reach over 30 million B2B customers a month, ranging from Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs), to Home offices and Middle Market Businesses.

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