Access the #1 spot on mobile

The calendar is the #1 spot on the mobile home screen.
With CalReply, you get access to this prime real estate.

High engagement

76% of calendar users check their calendars between 2 and 10 times per
day, making it the second most used app following email.

Easily target your audience

CalReply is optimized for mobile so that you can reach your audience
wherever and whenever, without the need to download another app.

Guaranteed reach

Calendar push notifications are enabled by default on 100% of mobile
smartphones, so you’re guaranteed to get through to every subscriber.



Let viewers add your shows to their
mobile calendars from any marketing
touch point.

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Publish curated events, like breaking
news or recommended articles, directly
into your readers’ calendars.

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Enable fans to sync their calendars with
your sports schedule, and remind them to
tune-in moments before your content airs.

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Keep your events top of mind. Drive ticket
sales by posting events and sale dates
directly into your customers’ calendars.

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Trusted by over 100 global television networks, sports, broadcasters and publishers.

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