The Opportunity

ESPN, the global leader in sports TV and news, understood that consumers control how and when they engage with their favorite shows. With CalReply’s technology, ESPN could strategically influence awareness and drive content engagement at scale across its linear and digital channels.

Since sporting events and games often air on numerous channels and at different times, ESPN wanted to streamline the experience for its fans while creating an authoritative channel to stimulate recurring viewership. The network worked with CalReply to drive tune-in using calendar marketing.

CalReply recognized an opportunity to provide a TV Everywhere experience for subscribers through its proprietary Channel ID technology.

The Solution

Understanding that consumers often stay informed about sporting events, games, and channel information on the network’s website or by using its app, ESPN used CalReply’s dynamic calendar marketing solutions to extend its brand visibility and content to a fan’s mobile calendar. Promotional messaging across ESPN’s website and mobile app invited consumers to subscribe via an “Add to Calendar” technology. CalReply’s Channel ID technology programmatically synced localized channel details based on the subscribers location and TV provider, as well as deep-links to streaming across the ESPN app.

By seamlessly integrating with ESPN’s API, CalReply dynamically generated SmartCals for all sports leagues, teams, and games. This allowed CalReply to populate dynamic links in the event description of every game and event, including linking fans to a live update on the network’s app or encouraging consumers to buy team gear at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The User Experience

The Results


Events Influenced
*Sports events include NFL, MLB,
NBA, NASCAR, and others


of subscribers interacted
with the event at the time
they received the calendar


Of all subscribers signed
up for calendar notifications
during the sport network’s
three-month in-app takeover

Lead Product Manager,
Live Programming, ESPN

CalReply offers a new way for us to keep fans engaged with ESPN.The calendaring solution is a great tool that helps us drive tune-in and makes it easier for sports fans to know when and where to watch their favorite game.”