A leading U.S. airline wanted to test its internal hotel offerings against Rokt’s confirmation page solution to drive ancillary revenue and improve attachment rates from customers who are booking a hotel after purchasing a flight.


The airline challenged its internal hotel offerings solution against Rokt. Rokt displayed brand messaging to 50% of the airline’s traffic after customers bought a ticket online. Using its premium offer position, Rokt enticed customers to opt in to the hotel’s offer and drove conversions by sending personalized messages timed to customers’ specific travel dates.

Since Rokt offered stronger results and didn’t cannibalize the airline’s existing hotel relationships, the airline then used Rokt to power 100% of brand messaging on the confirmation page.

The Results


Increased eCPM


Engagement Rate for transacting
customers that opted in to receive
hotel emails


Conversion Rate for customers
who book a hotel within 6 months
of flight purchase

Rokt enticed customers to opt in to the hotel's offer and drive conversions."