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LuckyVitamin, a major online retailer of natural wellness products, had been using a banner on their Order Confirmation page to promote a partnership campaign with a third-party Customer Loyalty provider. 

They needed a solution that would:

  • Offer the ability to rapidly test different offer combinations (including the existing partnership campaign)
  • Improve the customer experience with personalization of relevant offers
  • Increase the amount of ancillary revenue being driven on the Confirmation page


Through one simple integration with Rokt, the LuckyVitamin Confirmation page was optimized with a dynamic, native Overlay that displays offers to customers on a personalized, 1:1 basis. Within the Overlay, customers are shown relevant third-party offers from premium brands via the Rokt Marketplace, LuckyVitamins partnership campaign, or some combination of the two. Importantly, the partnership campaign is only displayed to customers who have not yet opted in, adding important suppression functionality that provides an overall better customer experience.

Because the Overlay is backed by Rokt’s Machine Learning technology, personalized and highly relevant offers are targeted to customers most likely to engage. As a result, they enjoy a better experience in the transaction and LuckyVitamin is able to maximize the value of the Confirmation page.

SPOTLIGHT: Page Variant Tests

In order to ensure optimal performance, Rokt and LuckyVitamin ran a test of three different page variants of the Overlay, comparing the outcomes of each to the original static banner. Each variant was run on ⅓ of the website’s traffic (across both desktop and mobile devices) and Rokt closely monitored performance over a period of five weeks.

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The Results


increase in ancillary revenue


higher partnership campaign
conversion rate


CPA reduction for the
partnership campaign