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For this global pizza chain, driving a deeper relationship with its millennial  customers through its app has been key to business growth. To maintain a competitive advantage over a rising  number of app-based food delivery services, this brand partnered with Rokt to improve its app user experience.


The brand served Rokt’s survey module  to customers during the Transaction Moment™ — right after placing their order in the app. Customers went through a smart  survey flow, so if they had:

  • A positive experience, they were sent to the app store to give their rating.
  • A poor experience, they were directed to the brand’s feedback page.


A wine club subscription brand wanted to find new customers. It partnered with Rokt to generate new customer sales and drive referrals to its website.


Rokt integrated client creative in the post transaction experience on premium e-commerce sites. The ad acquired new members directly from the Rokt platform, driving customers to join the wine subscription program. Rokt sent a five-step email nurture flow to keep the brand top of mind and beget additional purchases further down the funnel.

The Opportunity

Naked Wines, an online crowdfunding wine start-up, wanted to find high quality leads to nurture to conversion over time.

Rokt Solutions

Rokt invited consumers across its partner sites to accept a surprise and delight offer—a voucher to use on NakedWines.com—following an online transaction. Rokt sent targeted emails to nurture consumers to drive a purchase. By understanding the brand’s needs and frequently testing, Rokt delivered substantially higher quality customers than other marketing channels.