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The Opportunity

As the largest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) draws millions of fans to its events every week.

To help MMA enthusiasts stay engaged, UFC wanted to make it easy for fans to track live and broadcast events via their personal calendars. Since UFC’s fan base is highly active on social media, the company sought to promote its Rokt Calendar SmartCal offering across the very social channels its fans use most.

The Solution

UFC leveraged Rokt Calendar’s Social Marketing Automation tool to seamlessly schedule and programmatically post its SmartCal offering across UFC’s global social accounts. The tool made posting on social easy, allowing UFC to queue up multiple social posts at one time and automatically send them out from the Rokt Calendar dashboard.

By seamlessly integrating UFC’s calendar into social posts, UFC was able to generate subscriptions globally at scale while fueling greater brand engagement.

The User Experience


A leading US TV cable network (Rokt Calendar customer), understood that consumers now access content through a variety of platforms and are in more control of how and when they engage with their favorite programming. With Rokt’s technology, the network could strategically influence awareness and drive viewer engagement at key moments in time, at scale, across its linear and digital platforms.

Since the TV network’s programming aired simultaneously across linear and digital, as well as on demand, the network sought to streamline the experience for viewers while creating a new authoritative marketing tactic to stimulate recurring engagement. The network worked with Rokt to drive tune-in through programmatic calendar marketing.

Rokt recognized an opportunity to provide a TV Everywhere experience to the network’s subscribers through its Channel ID technology and deep-linking to streaming platforms.


Understanding that a majority of its viewers have historically been reliant on the network’s website and mobile app to stay informed about new television episodes and catch-ups, the network activated all of it’s franchises with Rokt’s dynamic calendar marketing technology, thus building a programmatic brand extension into the viewer’s personal digital calendar.

Points of calendar subscription were integrated across all touchpoints including the network’s website show pages, EPG, mobile app, as well as across organic and paid social media, email marketing and on-air/video.

At the point of subscription, users were able to set event and reminder preferences for new episodes, on demand, or both.

Rokt’s Channel ID technology seeded personalized channel details and streaming deeplinks in every calendar episode and tune-in notification, enabling subscribers to find content with ease.


Rokt is a high performing channel for driving new subscriptions, app installs, and consumer acquisition in the streaming media vertical.


Rokt reaches consumers when they’re most receptive—just after they have transacted on a major e-commerce site. With over 40 data points passed to Rokt from the transaction, every campaign is targeted to users who are most likely to engage and convert.