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The happiest place in digital marketing

How consumer emotion and opportunity meet in the Transaction MomentTM

For years, brands have leveraged the concept of retail therapy, and now it has been proven that this concept converts to an even more powerful opportunity online – an opportunity to target consumers during a buying mindset coined The Transaction  Moment™ – where both the mind and wallet are open.

The Happiest Place in Digital report explores consumers’ emotions when taking part in various digital activities, including shopping, social media, and search activity. The report uncovers that mindset and emotion dictate much of the opportunity in digital marketing and uncovers a much sought after and undiscovered channel of digital customer acquisition.

Download this research paper to understand:

  • The power of the Transaction Moment™ with three-quarters of consumers worldwide agreeing it’s the happiest place online
  • Why shopping is a better opportunity to engage consumers online than social or search
  • The science behind the happiest place in digital and how it provides marketers an untapped opportunity to reach new consumers
  • How online shopping is winning the battle for consumer attention providing a prime channel for marketing messages
  • How Rokt can connect you to consumers who are at their happiest and most likely to buy – with access to over 140 million online shopping transactions per month


They click buy. Now what?

Uncover a golden opportunity to drive new revenue from your customer purchase journey

Many e-commerce sites consider their job done when consumers finish their purchase. But shutting down interaction at the confirmation stage is cutting off the golden opportunity to connect with consumers who are ready and willing to keep buying.  

In this whitepaper, we aggregate insights from leading e-commerce executives to uncover why the confirmation page is the most undervalued opportunity in e-commerce today and how sites can maximize their potential to unlock monetization possibilities, increase the scope for cross-selling, work with strategic partners and, ultimately, enhance the bottom line.

Download this report to:

  • Understand the importance of capitalizing on the happy mindset consumers enter into once transactions are completed
  • Discover how to utilize the confirmation page to optimize the next best action for each customer — from internal marketing objectives to offers from strategic partners
  • Learn ways to enhance the customer experience at the same time as creating a new revenue channel
  • See how to overcome barriers – such as limited resources – to unleash the power of the confirmation page (and do so quickly)